James Safford for Rhode Island District 21 State Senate




James Safford of Scituate, RI

James Safford

District 21

State Senate


"People before politics.
Support bipartisanship.
Vote for the individual and let the individual vote for you."

James Safford for District 21


Providence Water Resolutions

Repair the relationship between Scituate and Providence by working with them to find a better solution for the Providence Water systems. Historically this relationship has been rocky and the residents have paid the price. I believe that there is a mutually beneficial compromise on the horizon. And I believe that I can get us there.

Protect Your 2nd Amendment Rights

We need to find a practical solution to reduce the number of school and mass shootings without infringing on our Second Amendment right. The crimes of few should not effect the safety of the many.

Generate Revenues at the Municipal Level

RI is one of only two states in the entire country without county government. Redundant burdens fall on our cities and towns and it is our state's job to create opportunities to raise revenues. We cannot simply ask municipalities to rely on taxes alone.

Improve Your Rhode Island

Let's be honest. The DMV is an awful experience. The roads we drive on that are repaired by RIDOT are not much better. We need to focus on migrating these department's budgets onto an open GL block chain so they can be more closely monitored. I do not believe that the state isn't collecting enough taxes. I do however believe that they are not spending your tax dollars wisely.

Green Energy Regulation

Establish a more profitable environment for our municipalities as green energy projects could drastically effect their budgets....and lower your taxes!!!!

About James

  • James is a lifelong Scituate resident who has done a fair bit of traveling as well. Living in the UK and other US cities
  • He attended Scituate High School Class of 1996
  • He attended both RIC and URI for undergrads in Business and a BA in Anthropology.
  • Member of the Land Trust Committee in Scituate
  • Member of the Conservation Committee in Scituate
  • He attended Plymouth State University for post graduate studies in Archaeology and Historic Preservation
  • James has worked in the local housing industry for the better part of the last 20 years
  • He is a local historian and writer having worked on many local projects over the years
  • He was an Archaeologist in New England, and preserving history is paramount to him.
James Safford of Scituate, RI